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vanjig the vanjen solution for fabricators


this tool secures the vanjen flanges in prefect alignment for tacking your flanges so you get a pain free fit with the full expected amount of motion.

this tool will be made from abs to help hold higher temps only use this tool for tacking it is plastic it will melt

some deformation is to be expected as long as u dont try to weld out the flanges with these in place they will last a very long time a little heat will only make them stronger. a lot of heat will ruin them.

includes the necessary hardware for use several 1/4 inch bolts nuts and washers

these will ship in random colors

please watch the video to get a better understanding of how this tool works
please note if you are running (for example) a single pipe from throttle body to intercooler and have a vanjen on the tbody and the IC you will need 2 of these tools for proper fitment/motion.



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